🦁Marcus Leo Pittman

Nineteen Months

Big day today! We went to the little park near our apartment and did an Easter egg hunt. Daddy said the day's supposed to be about some guy named Jesus and a giant rabbit, but all I saw was a bunch of plastic eggs with snacks inside of them. It was fun though. Mommy's friend brought her son over.

My vocabulary continues to grow. I started saying "yeeeeah" when I want to say yes. Daddy figured out that when I say "up or down" I'm actually trying to say "I love you." I started saying "Jump!" when Daddy counts down "3-2-1" too. Turns out being able to verbally communicate is a big deal.

I leveled up from Chick to Duck at nursery school at the start of April. I'm not in the youngest class anymore. Growing up little by little every day. I'm still a little guy though, so be nice to me. Up or down! ♥️