🦁Marcus Leo Pittman

Nine Months

Nine months down and many more to go! Not standing up without the help of the sofa yet, but my crawling speed has really sped up. Mommy and daddy can barely keep up! I finally became able to eat eggs—yolks anyway. I had been getting hives when I ate eggs. Still breaking out when I get any cow's milk on me though. 🐄

My speaking vocabulary now includes "ba", "ma", "ga", "da", and "nu nu nu nu". Mommy and daddy are obsessed with this video of me making an angry face while saying "ga ga ga ga". Daddy keeps saying it sounds like I was auto-tuned or something.

Looking forward to going to America next month and finally meeting my Pittman grandparents. Grandpa says he wants to take me out on his Harley but daddy said it would be too dangerous. Can't wait to go to my first baseball game. Really hoping Joey Votto gives a pitcher the finger and starts a fight while I'm there! ⚾️