🦁Marcus Leo Pittman

Four Months

How time flies when you're having fun! Mommy and Daddy have been reading lots of books to me lately and I feel like I've got a mountain of toys building up around me. I'm really into putting everything into my mouth right now, but some of these toys are just too big to fit into my mouth. It's a little frustrating.

I keep trying to talk, but haven't quite mastered it yet. Daddy keeps saying something about "da-da", but I'm not sure what it means. It makes me giggle every time he says it though.

I'm also getting close to rolling over on my own, but I still need to get better about using my momentum to throw my leg over and get my whole body to follow along with it. Daddy watches a lot of videos with a bald guy in blue clothes doing something similar, so it's helping me improve my body movements.