🦁Marcus Leo Pittman

33 Months

Had a great weekend recently. We went to Kyoto and Osaka. In Kyoto, I got to go to the train museum and we went to Arashiyama so we could walk around and eat some yummy food. Daddy got free fried chicken from a Hiroshima Carp fan who couldn't tell Daddy's Cincinnati Reds hat from a Carp hat. In Osaka, we went to an office building with lots of American flags and got Lucas' American passport. Over the weekend, I ate a hot dog, fried chicken, takoyaki, soft-serve ice cream, grilled lamb (for the first time), and smashed a glass at a restaurant. We had a great time. I can't wait to watch the video Mommy makes over and over. 🤭

Other than the trip, I had a couple other big changes: