🦁Marcus Leo Pittman

23 Months

Getting pretty close to two years! Hoping Mommy and Daddy throw me a birthday party. I wonder what kind of presents I'll be getting. Daddy says Grandma Pittman's sending me something big. Grandma always sends me cool presents.

It's pretty hot here in Japan. I've been playing in the pool a few times. We went to a big dance party at the station the other day too. Mommy says we might go to another one next week. She also said that Batman will be there!

Batman's my new favorite character. Daddy gave me a Batman figure to play with and he found a bunch of Batman cartoons. I've watched more Batman in the last few weeks than anything else. I still sleep with George, but I haven't watched much of Curious George lately. I've also been enjoying this old man named Mr. Rogers' show recently too. He shows me all sorts of interesting things and he puts on puppet shows too. Daddy says he was a very nice man and everyone loved him.

Well, one more month to go until I'm two years old. Maybe I'll find out about these "terrible twos" Daddy keeps mumbling about.